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A e r o G e n i

Dormant project.

The AeroGeni is a new kind high yield wind turbine.

The turbine has a vertical axis and can be used to either supplement electricity generation, heat water or contribute to grid manufacturing of AeroHydrogen-methanol fuel.

The turbine captures and converts airflow in a new way, with also significant reductions in transmitted loadings to the mounting structure.

This means relatively large energy collection can be made on relatively weak structures.

Unlike the sister vertical axis wind turbine the Flowah, the AeroGeni is scaleable and configurable to match local wind conditions and mounting.

A first mass application of the Aerogeni is to railway electricity pylons in quantities of ten thousand or more to reduce cost and increase output.


aerogeni - scaleable high yield vertical axis turbine

easy-install wind turbine that mounts on existing structures

AeroGeni + Solbrero = wind & sun

The AeroGeni also has a plug-in solar module called the Solbrero.

There are many advantages to combining a wind and solar unit, not least commonality of components and most significantly, elimination of installation and commissioning - just plug straight in to the existing AeroGeni.

This provides a relatively cheap way into solar-wind generation and because sunny days are often windless, the generating unit itself gets to increase days of useful contribution and shorten amortisation.

With a high yield, i.e. the economic return coming sooner, the economic model for installation becomes favourable, even before subsidies or environmental benefits are factored in.

Both the Aerogeni and Solbrero are scaleable to match one another.

Contact invited, but an NDA must be signed as part of the review.

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